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Reconnecting with Pet Play

Sometimes – often – life gets in the way and we lose touch with parts of ourselves.  These parts can be our hobbies, friends, lifestyles or – to be on topic – kink. Job changes, injuries, illness, study, even breakups can all leave us feeling disconnected from parts of ourselves that we really value.  This…Continue reading »

Crafty Critters – I dyed my Rope!

I’m so excited about this project – I just had to share! I made a new kinky friend through my holiday travels and her entire BDSM toy bag is pastel pink – including her rope. Combine this with my newest obsession of what my Owner affectionately calls “Bimbo’ pink I just had to dye my…Continue reading »

Puppy play position Training

Recently I had a conversation with a fellow kinky friend who had recently discovered puppy play – and had been having a lot of fun with it! She asked me for some advice on training in her pup space and I was honestly a bit stumped. I’d seen pups train and play at previous parties…Continue reading »

5 ways to wear ribbon tails

Here are my five favourite ways to wear tails for pet play! With pros and cons of course #1 Plugs Pros You can ‘feel’ your tail when its being touched Your owner helping to put your tail is really hot  Cons When your tail gets pulled (ouch) Restricts your clothing options Definatly not fun if…Continue reading »

What is kitten play?

Kitten Play is a type of pet play where the “pet” takes on the role of a cat and their partner (if they have one) usually acts as their owner Unlike Puppy or Pony play, the Kitten Play community began developing online in the late 90’s – so kitten play is still pretty new! In…Continue reading »

What is Puppy Play

Puppy Play is a type of pet play where the “pet” takes on the role of a canine and their partner (if they have one) often takes on the role of an owner/trainer/handler Puppy play as we know it began in the leather community after the 2nd world war. Now days puppy play has become…Continue reading »

What is Pony Play

Pony Play is a type of pet play where the “pet” role plays as a horse and their partner (if they have one) takes on the role of a trainer, rider, owner or groom.

Crafty critters – DIY day collar

So the other day I was deep in the black hole of the instagram pet community and I saw this Naturally I absolutly had to make a day collar with a little bell and I thought to myself Make it into a cradty critters tutorial!!! So lets get started! Making the collar All you will…Continue reading »

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