Crafty Critters – I dyed my Rope!

Crafty Critters – I dyed my Rope!

I’m so excited about this project – I just had to share!

I made a new kinky friend through my holiday travels and her entire BDSM toy bag is pastel pink – including her rope.

Combine this with my newest obsession of what my Owner affectionately calls “Bimbo’ pink

I just had to dye my rope.

I was very good and did my research before I got over-excited and found a tutorial on Rope Connections. Which I followed pretty much to the letter. 

What I used

  • 2x 8m lengths of Jute 
  • 2x 4m lengths of Jute
  • 1x Packet of Rit Fuchsia All purpose Dye
  • 1 cup of salt 
  • Heavy duty thread
  • Scissors
  • A bucket
  • Stock pot

What I did 

Before anything I whipped the ends of my rope. 

Whipping is when you knot/wrap a thin twine around the end of your rope to prevent it from fraying. 

This is totally optional

I chose to whip the ends of my rope because I hate getting pinched by knotted ends as they are pulled through ties. And I unfortunately have an amazing talent to constantly get pinched by knotted ends of rope…

Other reasons for choosing whipped ends are that it looks pretty and that my rope top is comfortable tying rope with whipped ends (I checked). 

To whip my rope I just followed this video!

Onto the dying process!

Rope Soup

As Rope Connections recommended I boiled my rope

Rope Soup!

The small rope kit I have was gifted to me by a teacher from the local rope group and he treated it in his own secret ways.

I figured a good soak would hopefully remove any oils or wax that might prevent the dye from working properly. 

An hour later I found that I had definitely made the right choice. The mix of oils, dust and sweat made for a… funky broth at best.

Needless to say I rinsed my rope a few more times after that …

Dye Bath

After detangling my rope I wound it up into loose coils like Rope Connections suggested and placed it into the dye bath (made according to the packet’s instructions). And spent the next 30 minutes feeling like witch stirring my concoctions – It was pretty fun

I then left it overnight

And the next night

And the next three nights after that because I got busy…

Eventually I got back to my rope project and drained the dye bath.

My rope was red.. Wine red. Not quite the vibe I was looking for. 

I self soothed by yet again re reading rope connections tutorial

It was fine it would lighten... right?

Drying my rope 

After running my rope through a cold gentle machine wash (no soap!) I set to drying my rope 

So unlike every rigger in existence I don’t have rafters where I live 

and even if I did I don’t think I’d be tall enough to use them!

The tutorial said rope needs to be dried under tension so it doesn’t go all weird 

So that rope was going to be dried under tension one way or the other!

That way ended up being a metal drying rack for laundry 

Drying my rope

It didn’t look as cool as the Rope Connections drying method but it worked! 

and I feel like it’s a little more stealthy if the family decides to pop around for a surprise visit

Treating my Rope

After all this effort it was finally time to finish off this little project. It was highly encouraged to finish off dying your rope with an oil treatment – with some further reading I found that this was most often jojoba oil. 

Which got me thinking.. 

I’m a bit of a skin care nut and one of my regulars is a jojoba and rose oil mix – it smells amazing and it makes my skin feel amazing. I just love it to pieces. 

What could be more personalised that rope that smells like me?

So I used my skin care oils to treat my rope and it worked so well!

My rope is all shiny and smells so nice!

Some things I learnt during this project

If you choose to whip your rope – cut the knots off before you dye it! Otherwise your ends will look a little bit like this 

I had intended to follow Rope Connection’s advice on untwisting and dip dying your rope section by section prior to soaking it (so the inside of the rope is dyed as well instead of staying brown) but I got blisters about one length in and gave up.

If you can get a friend to help and follow his advice! 

The brown flecks are a real let down after all the work it takes to dye your rope.

I plan on getting some help to re-dye my rope set as soon as I can!

The Finished Project

My rope!

All in all I am so pleased with how this project came out!

5 ways to wear ribbon tails

5 ways to wear ribbon tails

Here are my five favourite ways to wear tails for pet play!

With pros and cons of course

#1 Plugs


  • You can ‘feel’ your tail when its being touched
  • Your owner helping to put your tail is really hot 


  • When your tail gets pulled (ouch)
  • Restricts your clothing options
  • Definatly not fun if you don’t enjoy anal simulation

#2 Harness


  • Can be worn under or over anything
  • It’s a more realistic placement for a tail


  • Buying more specialised gear for pet play can be expensive.

#3 Belt Loops


  • All you need is bottoms with belt loops
  • Works for a range of personal styles
  • Like the harness it gives a more realistic tail placement


  • Restricts what types of clothing you can to wear
  • Restricts access to your pet

#4 Safety Pinned


  • Can be pinned to any clothing item
  • It looks so cute pinned to the underside of skirts!


  • Safety pins can look super obvious
  • You can stab yourself
  • Only works if your wearing clothes

#5 Around your waist


  • Can be done under or over clothing
  • You can choose how high or low you want your tail to be


  • The tie can easily be pulled loose when playing,
  • It can look odd depending on placement/outfit/etc


What is kitten play?

What is kitten play?

Kitten Play is a type of pet play where the “pet” takes on the role of a cat and their partner (if they have one) usually acts as their owner

Unlike Puppy or Pony play, the Kitten Play community began developing online in the late 90’s – so kitten play is still pretty new!

In this post we will look at;

  • Types of Kittens
  • Types of Tops
  • Activities
  • Gear
  • Where to find out more

Types of Kittens

Domesticated – Kittens with a submissive and affectionate nature.

Stray – A kitten that does not have an owner/partner.

Feral – A kitten who is not submissive in nature. Feral kittens tend to be more bratty and sometimes dominant within scenes

Types of Tops

Unlike pony and puppy play Kitten Play has… less defined roles when it comes to Tops… so I’m just going to show you my understanding of tops in kitten play

Master/Mistress – I have often seen this used when people pet play interlinks closely with other D/s dynamics or in those who enjoy the more old guard flavor of BDSM

Owner – A person who owns and cares for their kitten.

Keeper – A person who cares for a kitten or kittens. From what I have seen those who use this name usually have more of a focus on a caregiver-ish dynamic.


Training – Training most often includes position training. Your kitten can also be taught to perform tricks and walk on a leash.

Naps – Cat naps ♡.♡ I mean is there anything better for a kitten? 

Play – Playing! Whether is 18+ play or a ball of yarn, playing with your kitten is key to burning off all that extra energy (and preventing the mischief that seems to follow over energetic kittens)

Grooming – Grooming can cover a range of activities like; patting your kitten while you are relaxing together, brushing or playing with their hair, massages or, if you’re brave enough, baths! Most grooming activities are a great way to bond.

Kitten Play Gear

Ears – For many ears are an important identifier of being a kitten and a signal that kitten time is starting or ending. With ears being available in clips or headbands, faux fur or metal. There are as many styles as you can possibly imagine! 

Tails – Tails can also be used as signals or identifiers of a kittens head space. They come in as many styles as ears and attaching tails can ben  managed in various (and fun) ways.

Collars – Tug proof ribbon collars are most often seen in Kitten play but any and all types of collars are used depending on the kitten. Collars can be as part of a collaring ceremony (like a wedding band) or as a symbol that the kitten is a kitten. again, It’s all up to the person (or kitten) who is wearing the collar.

Paws – Using mitts can take away the kittens ability to use their fingers and/or hands – adding to their pet space or acting as a form of bondage. 
Knee Pads – Knee pads!! I have recently been reminded how much knee injuries suck. If you like to crawl in your pet space please please please protect your knees and always use knee pads!

Where to find out more

Blogs like kitten and the chateau

Youtubers such as screamkiwi and of course Evie Lupin

Online communities on Instagram and Fetlife are awesome to make connections with other kittens

Photo by WIDEANGLE@108dB

Crafty critters – DIY day collar

Crafty critters – DIY day collar

DIY pet play day collar

So the other day I was deep in the black hole of the instagram pet community and I saw this

BDSM Animal Roleplay concept

Naturally I absolutly had to make a day collar with a little bell

and I thought to myself

Make it into a cradty critters tutorial!!!

So lets get started!

Making the collar

All you will need for this part is string and scissors!

Measure the string around your neck and add about 10cm. Cut 2 of this measurement. Then cut a third piece about 4-6 times longer than your center pieces

Fold your long piece of string in half and gather your pieces together like so

Tie a simple knot

Knot 1

Fold string as shown

Pull each string gently to secure knot

If you would like a spiral braid continue to repeat knot 1

Knot 2

Knot 2 is basically a reverse of Knot 1.

For a flat braid alternate between knot 1 and 2

Now keep making knots until you have reached the desired length for your day collar

When you have a long enough braid – tie a simple knot (I like to do this twice because i feel like its more secure) and trim the excess string

Thread your double knot through the loop to close

Adding extras!

For this you will need a pair of pliers, accessories (like bells or charms) and jump rings

Bend a jump ring open

Add your chosen charm

Find the half way point in your braid

Feed ring through the mid-way point of your collar

Close ring and enjoy your new day collar!

Did you enjoy this DIY?

I’d love to see what you crafty critters have been up to so show off your creations below!


Crafty Critters – No-sew Clip in Bows!

Crafty Critters – No-sew Clip in Bows!

An easy DIY project for any pet to enjoy wearing and making!


First: Gather your supplies!

For a set of two bows you will need:

  • Hot Glue gun and extra glue sticks
  • Measuring tape or ruler
  • 1.25 meters of ribbon (the ribbon I am using is 4 cm wide)
  • A lighter
  • Hair clips
  • Scissors
  • Candle (Optional! I just tend to burn myself more while using lighters)

Cut 2 pieces of ribbon at the following measurements

  • 20 cm
  • 15 cm
  • 12 cm
  • 5 cm

Seal the edges of ALL your ribbon using the flame from your candle or lighter so that they don’t fray.

Tip – Switch on the hot glue gun now so it can heat up.

Optional Step – Fancy Bow tails!

First take your 12 cm piece/s of ribbon and fold them in half width ways

Cut your ribbon at about a 45 degree angle

To seal try keep it loosely in half and run it past the flame (this helps to keep a crisp inner corner)

Do this of each end of the ribbon.

Fold your 20 and 15 cm pieces of ribbon in half lengthways.

I like to have the sealed edges fold over each other so I can secure the loop with a small dot of glue

Once everything is secure stack your ribbon pieces as shown

Add your 12 cm ribbon piece below and fold your ribbon pieces so they make a nice bow

(this takes a bit of trial and error)

Fold your 5 cm piece(s) into thirds

(helping hands can be really useful here!)

Take your 5 cm piece of ribbon and wrap it around your bow as tightly as possible.

Secure in a loop with a dot of hot glue.

After this your bow might look a little rumpled

That’s okay! because the 5 cm piece of ribbon is glued in a loop you can gently tug your bow back into place

Secure your hair clip to the back of your bow with some more glue and hold it in place while it cools

Admire your cute new bows!

Ways to wear them

Here they are clipped to a headband

Piper wears her bows in her hair behind her hood

Check out her instagram here

If you have any more ideas on how you can wear bows with pet gear let me know in the comments!