What is Puppy Play

What is Puppy Play

Puppy Play is a type of pet play where the “pet” takes on the role of a canine and their partner (if they have one) often takes on the role of an owner/trainer/handler

Puppy play as we know it began in the leather community after the 2nd world war.

Now days puppy play has become hugely popular within BDSM communities!

In this post we will look at;

  • Types of Pups
  • Types of Humans
  • Activities
  • Gear
  • Where to find out more

Types of Pups

Some common puppy types pet players identify with are:

Puppies – Puppies are the over excitable, playful and super enthusiastic puppy player.

 Puppies or pups is also used as an umbrella name for puppy player.

Strays – Pups who are not collared or do not have an owner/trainer/handler

Alphas – Alpha’s tend to be the top dogs around the other pups. Alphas can take a leadership role within packs or at community events 

Sometimes they will even exert this dominance over their humans as well. 

Show Dogs – This type of pup generally enjoys training for a purpose and showmanship. This is often to compete in competitions like obedience or agility but it can also just be for the fun of it!

Types of Humans

Handlers – those who care for and train one or more pups. This is the most common term used for humans in puppy play and can act as a blanket term if your not sure of the human/pup player dynamic.

Owners – those who “own” the pup. They are incharge of caring for their pup much like a Handler but the title itself gives off more of a power dynamic vibe

Trainers – those who teach and discipline puppy girls and boys to excel in their (or their dominants) chosen interests. 

Companions – those who interact and play with pups without necessarily being in charge of training or caring for them.


Training – Basic training often includes simple command words (sit, stay, beg), and positioning training.

Moshes – Moshes are like a big puppy play-date. these events provide a safe space for pups to play and wrestle with one another (Called moshing). Moshes are also an opportunity for handlers to spend some time socializing too!

Shows – Human pup competitions take place all over the world and can be a great opportunity to meet up and make new friends in the pup community. Competing in the shows is entirely optional and can be a ton of fun if you want to try it out!


Puppy Play gear is varied and personalized depending on you, your pup space and/or your dynamics. Gear isn’t needed to be a puppy player but it can be a fun way to express yourself!

Some common pieces of gear in Puppy Play are;

Hoods – can be used to help pups look more pup-ish or as a form of sensory deprivation. Hoods are often made of leather or rubber and come in a range of styles and colours to suit any pup!

Ears – ears can be a part of hoods or come on headbands/clips. Ears are often made with faux fur if they’re on headbands. They can be a super fun way to add to the feeling of being a pup without using a hood

Mitts – mitts can be padded or not and are mainly used to remove the pups ability to use their fingers/hands.

Harness – Harnesses can be used for aesthetic, bondage or as attachment points

Collar – collars can be aesthetic or symbolic depending on you and your dynamic

Tails – tails come in a ton of different styles to match ears, masks or whatever style you want. Tails also come with the option of being inserted or attached through harnesses, belt loops or tying around the waist depending in personal preference

Knee pads – Knee pads!! I have recently learnt how much knee injuries suck. If you like to crawl in your pup space please please please protect your knees and always use knee pads!

Where to find out more

To find out more about Puppy play check out

Blogs like Nerdy Doggo and Deviance and Desire

Evie Lupines videos

And online communities like fetlife

Photo by istolethetv