What is Pony Play

What is Pony Play

Pony Play is a type of pet play where the “pet” role plays as a horse and their partner (if they have one) takes on the role of a trainer, rider, owner or groom.

Pony Girls taken by Derek Bridges

Pony Plays is one of the first forms of documented BDSM Animal Roleplay – think 1900’s and even earlier!

It’s know for its extravagant ‘tack’ (or pony play gear), in depth training and that lovely power exchange I and many others adore.

In this post we are going to look at

  • Types of Ponies
  • Types of Tops
  • Activities
  • Tack
  • Where you can find out more

Types of Ponies

Show Ponies  – Ponies trained in different gaits (walk, trot, canter, gallop like bio-ponies), tricks and modelling of Tack with a focus on showmanship

Cart Ponies – Ponies who are trained to pull sulkies or small carts on two or four legs

Riding Ponies – Ponies who are ridden by their owners. These ponies can be ridden with or without a saddle and on two or four legs

Please note that the role of a cart or riding pony is physically challenging! Your or your ponies physical abilities should be taken into account to keep safe and keep playing!

Types of Tops

Owners – The Owner is whoever owns the pony. They are in charge of caring for their pony or delegating that care to another. Owners can sometimes loan out their pony girls or boys to others for shows, riding or other activities.

Riders – Anyone who rides the pony or in a cart the pony is pulling can be referred to as a Rider however some prefer the term just to be used for their Top.

Trainers – Trainers are the teachers and disciplinarians of pony girls and boys. Trainers help guide and support ponies to excel in their (or their Tops) chosen interests. 

Groomers – Grooming can take many forms such as bathing, rubbing down or dressing the pony in their tack. Groomers are those who have a main focus and/or interest in this kind of interaction.


One of the biggest parts of pony play is Training!

Pony girls and boys are often trained from the ground up starting with manners; like staying still when being tied up or groomed.

Then they start learning different gaits (walk, trot and cantering) and how to be safely led using reins.

Some ponies go on to be trained to pull carts or perform tricks!

Some other activities that are commonly seen in pony play are

Grooming – bathing, brushing down and generally caring for your pony’s wellbeing is a beloved part of pony play and can be a great way to bond and provide aftercare in pony play scenes.

Veterinary play – combining this type of play can take many forms including physical examinations, “shots”, castration and breeding roleplays (the old fashion way or by artificial insemination).

As you have probably guessed Veterinary play can overlap with edge play so remember your Safe Sane Consensual and Risk Aware Consensual Kink practices!

All activities depend on the pony, their owner and the negotiations that have happened behind the scenes.


Photo taken by Liesbeth den Toom

Tack is the equipment used for bio horses. this term is also used for the accessories and gear used within pony play.

Like any form of animal roleplay you don’t need gear but many enjoy it. 

Pony Play in particular is known for its more extravagant Tack – usually modelled by the lovely show ponies

Common pieces of tack include (but are definitely not limited to!)

Tails – attached via butt plug or to a harness.

Hooves – hooves can come in the form of shoes and gloves and function as both bondage and added realism for ponies.

Masks – These can be used as a form sensory deprivation by restricting the ponies eyesight and increasing their reliance on their Owner for guidance. Masks can also be used to help pony girls and boys look more like ponies.

Bits and bridles – Bits and bridles are used to control the ponies head. Bits commonly go in the ponies mouth and bridles can be attached to increase the amount of control the owner has over the ponies head. Bits and bridles will often be attached to riens or some form of lead so the owner can control the pony from a distance.

Harnesses – Harnesses can act as another form of bandage, be decorative or used as attachment points for tails, carts and reins.

Bodysuits – Can be used as a way to cover up a pony for community events, incorporate other fetishes such as latex and add to the overall aesthetic of the pony depending on your goals.

Where to find out more

Check out Fetlife for their community pages

This Blog by CPony is an incredible resource for anyone interested in Pony Play!

I hope this was helpful!