Crafty Critters – No-sew Clip in Bows!

Crafty Critters – No-sew Clip in Bows!

An easy DIY project for any pet to enjoy wearing and making!


First: Gather your supplies!

For a set of two bows you will need:

  • Hot Glue gun and extra glue sticks
  • Measuring tape or ruler
  • 1.25 meters of ribbon (the ribbon I am using is 4 cm wide)
  • A lighter
  • Hair clips
  • Scissors
  • Candle (Optional! I just tend to burn myself more while using lighters)

Cut 2 pieces of ribbon at the following measurements

  • 20 cm
  • 15 cm
  • 12 cm
  • 5 cm

Seal the edges of ALL your ribbon using the flame from your candle or lighter so that they don’t fray.

Tip – Switch on the hot glue gun now so it can heat up.

Optional Step – Fancy Bow tails!

First take your 12 cm piece/s of ribbon and fold them in half width ways

Cut your ribbon at about a 45 degree angle

To seal try keep it loosely in half and run it past the flame (this helps to keep a crisp inner corner)

Do this of each end of the ribbon.

Fold your 20 and 15 cm pieces of ribbon in half lengthways.

I like to have the sealed edges fold over each other so I can secure the loop with a small dot of glue

Once everything is secure stack your ribbon pieces as shown

Add your 12 cm ribbon piece below and fold your ribbon pieces so they make a nice bow

(this takes a bit of trial and error)

Fold your 5 cm piece(s) into thirds

(helping hands can be really useful here!)

Take your 5 cm piece of ribbon and wrap it around your bow as tightly as possible.

Secure in a loop with a dot of hot glue.

After this your bow might look a little rumpled

That’s okay! because the 5 cm piece of ribbon is glued in a loop you can gently tug your bow back into place

Secure your hair clip to the back of your bow with some more glue and hold it in place while it cools

Admire your cute new bows!

Ways to wear them

Here they are clipped to a headband

Piper wears her bows in her hair behind her hood

Check out her instagram here

If you have any more ideas on how you can wear bows with pet gear let me know in the comments!


Begginers Guide to Pet Play – Finding your pet side

Begginers Guide to Pet Play – Finding your pet side

When I first started in pet play I was overwhelmed with all of the information out there

From choosing animals to roleplay to developing fully functional dynamics with others and all the little details in between…

Pet Play can be intimidating.

So if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed – it’s okay!

I was exactly where you were and it gets better. 

So I wanted to write this post to try to help myself and others find their feet amongst all the information that’s out there.

We will look at 

  • Choosing the type of pet you want to roleplay
  • Gear
  • Trying out pet play
  • Joining the community!

Choosing the type of pet you want to roleplay

For me, this was probably the most stressful part of getting started with pet play.

Mainly because I can’t make a decision to save my life…

And everyone seemed to have such detailed specific pet personas!

It was overwhelming and for some reason, I had decided I could only have one pet side and I could NEVER GO BACK

Shockingly this is not the case. 

You can pick and choose and change your mind as much as you want

You can be any color, mix or type of creature you decide 

And you can have as many different pet spaces as you want to ( but I would recommend starting with one while you are finding your sea legs – otherwise it can get a bit overwhelming)

You can also choose not to have a species or type of pet you roleplay 

Human pets are a great example of this – they do not roleplay a specific animal’s behavior rather they roleplay as a ‘pet’ with whatever restrictions and roles they have negotiated prior.

Here are some ways people choose their pet types

Instant identification 

Some people just seem to know what pet they want to be

They’ve insisted on playing this one animal since they were a little kid 

or they’re a crazy cat lady like me

Maybe you’ve just always loved cats or dogs or ponies

Or you saw a pup at a party and you Want That

Some but not all people just know what they want.

If you are one of these people – awesome!

If not keep reading to find some other ways people have chosen their roleplay animal


Some people pick their pet based on personality traits that they identify with

For example, most cats are quite independent, like affection on their terms and tend to know what they want when they want it

Whereas dogs are super excitable and energetic, love affection pretty much always and tend to be very well behaved

What you want out of pet play 

Pet types can be chosen to fit what you want to get out of your roleplay.

Some examples of this are;

If you want to get into pet play for the obedience and training – pony play or puppy play might be your gig

If you adore humiliation play – piggy play might work perfectly for you

If you have a lactation/breastfeeding fetish – cow play would probably be great for you!

Trial and error

Sometimes there are too many choices that sound fun!

If this is the case just do a round of trial and error tasters of different types of pets and pick your favorite/s from that 

Dominants preference

If you can’t decide or you don’t want to decide, see what your Top thinks!

They may have envisioned pet play as having an obedient little pup, a strong cart pony, or perhaps a snuggly little bunny? 

This way you and your top can train and shape your pet roleplay to fit whatever their vision may be


So you have your pet type is chosen – it’s perfect, your excited – IM excited – 

Usually, the next thing people want to do is get stuck into the gear

This can be for a lot of reasons;

  • Having pet play gear can help signal the start and ends of scenes, 
  • It can encourage roleplay
  • It can make you feel cute
  • It’s just fun

There are tons of reasons to want and enjoy gear in your roleplay.

A quick disclaimer

Gear does not make the pet player

You are not more or less valid because of the gear you choose to have or not have. 

This is just another way to have fun if you want to.

There are a ton of different kinds of gear for pet play to fit any style and budget out there – more common pieces of gear can include;


Ears primarily come as clip in’s or headbands

Styles range from basic silhouettes to fancy and fluffy!


Tails mainly attach through plugs, safety pins, tying around ones waist/belt loops or to a harness

Materials can range from silicone to faux fur


These are mostly used by puppy players but other options are avalible online.

Materials can range from leather to rubber and come in a ton of different styles and color combos


Masks can provide full or partial face coverings

Materials can range from fabrics such as leather to plastics

Body suits

Styles can range from full coverage to play boy bunny style body suits

Materials range from latex to lace and everything in between


Harnesses are primarily found for the chest, hip or face (as a mask or hood)

Purchased harnesses are most often made from leather or can be apart of rope bondage


These are available in a range of styles and restriction levels

Materials can range from leather to fur


Styles can range from pretty and decorative to ‘tug’ proof.

Materials for range from ribbon, chain, leather or strapping

Testing out pet play

Restrict yourself 

Follow some common rules or restrictions given to pets like

Movement restrictions

These can look like; crawling, not using hands to grasp stuff, not going up on furniture, keeping arms behind your back if testing out pony play 

Vocal restrictions

These can look like; not using words, testing out different noises like whining, growling, meowing, barking, etc

Mimic different pets

Aka my best excuse to watch cute animal videos for.. research…

Body Language

wiggle your booty if your excited, try grooming yourself with your paws 


play fetch with yourself (bat the ball away, go fetch it and remember no hands! repeat), just swat the ball around, burrow into some blankets, lounge in the sun, find a slightly elevated spot and sit on it. Feel superior because you and no one else is on the slightly higher spot.

 – whatever seems the most appealing try it out!

Join the community!

One of the best ways to learn more about Pet play is to join your local or online communities

Fetlife – has both discussion groups and is a great resource for finding local events!

Online communities can be found on most platforms – just remember to stay safe!

If you found this useful be sure to follow so you can get notified when a new post is up!

Lil Succubuss

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What is Pet Play?

What is Pet Play?

Pet Play is when someone role plays some kind of domesticated animal (AKA a pet) within a BDSM context.

A cute little pet

What does Pet play looks like?


The room is lit with a warm yellow glow, the smell of vanilla – His signature – drifts through the room.
The door opens a crack and His pet slips into the room – still steaming from her shower – flashing him a smile before burying herself in His arms.
He chuckles and asks
“Are you ready to be my kitten, pet?”
She wriggles in excitement and nods eagerly.
Ears are collected, placed on her head – adjusted briefly by practiced hands as she is instructed;
“Tail up”
Obediently she moves into position.


A soft mewl escapes her lips as her tail is inserted – the veil of her kitten space begins to settle over her.
She slides to the floor and butts her head against his leg affectionately. He sits and begins to scratch behind her ears, down her neck. Mewls and purrs announce her descent into kitten mode as she basks in the affection
After a while, he stands. Rummaging through a drawer. His kitten watches avidly and as he reveals a small silver torch
Deeming his offering unworthy of sitting up his kitten wanders off to settle in her spot on the floor
A bright red dot appeared.
Dancing in front of her nose almost as if it’s teasing her,
mocking her hunting skills.
Her eyes narrow and she shifts into a hunter’s crouch
Wriggles her butt… pounces and..
What? It was right there!
The dot dances just beyond her paws and she prepares to pounce again.
He chuckles watching his kitten chasing the laser back and forth across the room.
Not so secretly enjoying the view of a mostly naked girl crawling around his room.
Eventually, she comes to rest at his feet, exhausted…
“Awh is my kitten all worn out?”
“Why don’t you come have some cuddles?” he asks, patting the bed.
Purring she climbs onto the bed settling herself over his chest.
They stay like this for a while, until he signals her to shift spaces with the request
“Can I have my girl back?”
She Nods
A few minutes and kisses later the heavy blanket of her kitten space has been lifted.
She looks up and grins
“Thank you! That was so much fun!”

“You’re welcome pet” he murmurs, kissing her forehead.

This is one super cute and fluffy example of a pet play scene.

One of the awesome things about pet play is how easily it can meld and change according to your kinks, moods, or wants.

So it can be cute and light and fluffy
It can be dark and twisted as fuck
It can be in the quiet moments when you are having a coffee at the end of the day,

It’s completely up to you!

Things commonly found in pet play scenes are;

  • Training (think positions, commands)
  • Playing with toys
  • Begging for treats (puppy dog eyes, whining, positions for edible or more physical rewards insert cheesy porno music here)
  • Walking your pet on a leash
  • Eating from bowls
  • Bondage
  • Impact
  • Movement and vocal restrictions

Why people enjoy it?

Roleplaying a pet can be a fun new way to receive service from an s-type
A nice way to relax and be taken care of
A different way to express submission (crawling after your master, pawing his leg for attention, non-verbal physical expressions of love and affection)
Adds to the intensity of a submissive mindset

Playing the role of the human is an opportunity to care for and spoil your partner
The increased level of reliance on the “human” for needs/wants of the pet (such as rest, food, water, play) can increase the focus and intensity of a scene.

Pet play overall

  • Can be a cool combination of playful and sexy
  • Melds well with other kinks so there is a lot to play with
  • Can be a different flavor of power exchange
  • Can be A fetish
  • is fun

Types of pet play

So your most commonly seen pet play types are;

  • Kitten play
  • Puppy play
  • Pony Play
  • Piggy Play
  • Cow Play
  • Human Pets – this is when you roleplay as a pet but do not roleplay as a particular animal or with specific animal traits such as barking, meowing etc

You can play whatever kind of animal you want providing they are at least kinda domesticated
I recently discovered the concept of dragon pet play – which is both AWESOME and proof that the only limit is your imagination



Pet Play is not about an attraction to actual animals. It’s about humans roleplaying

It is all or nothing when it comes to pet play and sex

Pet Play seems to be one of those subcultures that people believe has to be ether
As pure and virginal as the Virgin Mary
Or a bad porno

Mostly it’s somewhere in the middle of those two expectations and will vary person to person.

Only s-types can be pets

This one both makes me grumpy and makes me laugh.
It’s like saying only males can be dominants.

Anyone on any side of the slash can roleplay as a pet if they want to.
Just like anyone of any gender identity can be a Dominant or a Submissive

Where to start

Research as much as possible!!

Here are some links to get you started:

And after you’ve researched like a mad man, maybe tested some stuff out independently

Negotiate with your partner
Not sure how to negotiate well?

Well here’s something I prepared earlier… Spoiler it’s more research links…

Safety Tips

Some things to consider when negotiating
Mistakes I made that really screwed me over and I don’t want you to suffer through

Knee Pads

Even if you don’t have joint issues I cannot stress this enough:
Seriously if you are going to be on all fours your knees are going to take some rough treatment.
Carpet burn, bruising, painful knees for literal DAYS (I didn’t have knee pads and I decided to play on a hardwood floor just this once- Do NOT make my mistake please)


This is a BDSM activity so you absolutely need a safeword.
Id recommend the traffic light system because it’s easy to understand and remember

Green – I’m good, lets keep going!
Yellow/Orange – I need you to slow down and/or check in on me

If your pet space is non-verbal decide and agree on a physical safe sign instead of a word.
I, for example, like to use a FIRM double-tap anywhere on my partner’s body.
If I can’t reach them,

I’ll knock/tap/stomp on whatever surface I happen to be on as loudly as possible.

If you have any examples of what pet play looks like for you, I would love to see your comments below!
It would be a huge help for future posts and play dates!

Lil Succubuss


Animal Roleplay and BDSM

Animal Roleplay and BDSM

Okay, so I’ve rewritten this post about 5 times. I knew trying to write about BDSM and animal roleplay would be a challenge. But hey I was feeling cocky and up for a challenge!


… I’m not feeling cocky anymore…

This is a ridiculously confusing topic and I didn’t realize how little I knew and how much controversy was out there. I was so busy trying to write the “correct” opinion that I wasn’t getting anything down on the page! 

So instead of trying to write the correct opinion. 

I’m just going to write about my opinion and ideas – on a few core ideas – from the experiences and chats that I have had with other animal role players.

Which will probably be Revisited and changed.. a lot.. 

So take what you will from this and I’d love to hear your opinions too!

The core ideas I wanted to cover are; 

  • The definitions of BDSM fetish and kink 
  • The types of animal roleplay that (in my opionion) can only occur in a BDSM context
  • If other forms of animal roleplay can be BDSM/kink/fetish activities and when. 
  • Adding elements of BDSM to your animal roleplay 
  • How to tell if someone’s animal roleplay is kinky or not 

Definitions of BDSM kink and fetish 

So I’m not going to lie, I went through a whole bunch of kink sites and mashed all of their definitions together. 

BDSM – any activities involving bondage, discipline, dominance submission, sadism or Masochism. 

Fetish – a sexual interest in an object, clothing, part of the body (excluding the obvious) or lets be real, pretty much anything.

Kink – any non conventional sexual fantasies or concepts.

BDSM only animal roleplay (platinum VIP card required)

So this is where things tend to get a bit blurry. 

There are lots of areas for discussion for this topic.

It mainly seems centered around forms of animal roleplay being sexual or non sexual, what ‘real’ BDSM is animal roleplay, why certain kinds of animal roleplay can only occur in a BDSM setting and

I am getting off topic..

Instead of trying to make sense of all these ideas and confusing myself.

I’m just going to give you my opinion on what constitutes and BDSM animal roleplay and why I think that. 

And if your keen you can do some more research or share your opinion in the comments! 

So in my head there are two main forms of BDSM animal roleplay. 

Primal play and pet play 

Primal play is when you let your base desires and instincts run the show. In my experience this usually comes out in a very physical way.

Often there is a physical fight for dominance over the other party or the take down and capture of another primal player (most often these players are called primal prey).

This is power exchange which as you know from the definition above is one of three aspects within BDSM.

The physical nature of primal play also tends to hurt. Its common to hurt others or hurt yourself in the process of wrestling your opponent or capturing your opponent;

Primal play isn’t typically known for being gentle.

Which brings in the aspect of sadism/masochism to most primal play scenes ive wittnessed.

And it’s for these reasons that I think primal play can only occur in BDSM. 

Pet play is when you take on the role of a pet – regardless of the animal you choose to roleplay.

The history of pet play is firmly rooted with BDSM. The first images of pet play were published were of Pony players all the way back in 1946!

I’ve been waiting all year to use that fact in a post!!!

Pony Play is also great example of how pet play involves many aspects of BDSM.

The tack worn by Pony players is a form of bondage, crops often used in training are discipline, sadism/masochism.

Having a Trainer, Owner, Rider, Groomer or human partner in this kind of  scene would be a form of power exchange or dominance/submission.

You can look at much any kind of pet play out there and see the aspects of BDSM within the activities. 

Adding BDSM into your animal roleplay 

I’m not gonna tell you step by step how to do this as everybody is difference


I highly HIGHLY recommended you do your research and talk to your partner (if you have one) like, A LOT.

Negotiating is key in both Risk Aware Consensual Kink and Safe Sane and Consensual BDSM.

Plus it will make sure you both have the most fun possible!

Some Ideas


  • Collars and leashes 
  • Mitts
  • Rope 
  • Hoods


Usually this will involve some form of rules/expectations or restrictions during your scene and is implemented if they aren’t not met, have been broken or “broken” (aka punishments). Some tools for this can be

  • Spray bottles 
  • Crops
  • Newspapers
  • Spankings
  • Being tied to a post (like a time out for pets)


  • Power dynamic – alpha/omega prey/predator
  • Rules and expectations of behavior 
  • Sit stay speak commands 
  • Training for tricks or positions (rewards in the form of snacks or attention are highly encouraged)
  • Having a trainer/owner etc is a power exchange because they are human and in that scene have a greater level of control over the role player
  • Restrictions on the s-type like movement,vocalizations, eye contact


  • Impact – pony play training with crops can be soft or sadistic. Impact can often be seen in dark pet play scenes.
  • Biting
  • Scratching
  • Wrestling

How to tell if someones animal roleplay is BDSM/kinky

This one isn’t a trick question but can still be really hard to do. 

Ask them!

Keep in mind screaming “HEY ARE YOU INTO KINK” across the street at someone wearing ears isn’t gonna be the most appropriate way to go about asking..

You will probably only come across BDSM animal roleplay at kink events/parties/dungeons/shows etc.

If you are unsure, curious and know them a little more than a total stranger ask (in a polite way!)

Some links for the geeky

Thanks for reading!


Crafty Critters DIY – Add piercings to your Pet Play ears

Crafty Critters DIY – Add piercings to your Pet Play ears

Fox/Kitten ears with Jewlerry

So an awesome effect of being stuck at home is that I finally made a pair of fox kit ears for my lovely friend Angelica!!!

(that I’d been procrastinating on… since February…)

Now Angelica is… 

She is a sparkle fairy glitter princess

So regular old ears were not gonna be enough for this girl.


These ears needed some SPARKLE! 

And what better way to add sparkle then jewelry!

So if you are a crafty critter in need of a little extra something for your pet ears look no further for your next DIY!

What you will need

  • Pilers
  • Chain
  • Charms
  • Jump rings

Depending on what you want to do will depend on what supplies you will need.

Whilst you can buy these bits and pieces from your local craft store you can also pull apart a few old necklaces for your supplies.



(Those of you already have the jump rings etc for this DIY you can skip steps 1-3)

Step 1 – Haul out all your old jewelry and dump it out on your desk

Question why you have so much stuff

Step 2 – pick what you want to rip apart and use for your project 

Step 3 – Pack everything else away in the shame draw

Step 4 – If you can change the position of your ears bend them so they lie flat 

Step 5 – Brush the fur on both sides of your ears out so everything is lying neatly 

Adding rings to your ears

Take your jump rings and pliers

Insert pilers into rings and open to allow a gap 

Wiggle ring onto ears (try and get the rings to sit on the fabric that makes up the ear otherwise they will fall off

Squish with pliers to hold in place (Do this at the very end when you are happy with the placement of the jewelry)

Step 2 – adding ornaments

You can add ornaments in two ways 

1 – thread ornament onto your jump ring before attaching it the the ear

2 – use a chain link or small jump ring to thread through both the ornament and the piercing attached to the ear (which is great if you are forget to do the first method or if you want options to change and remove shineys from the ‘piercings’)

Method 2 can also be used for attaching extras to chain  like this *add pic*

Step 3 – Chain 

 If you want to add chain to your ears thread the chain onto your jump ring before placing it on the ear (it can be really fiddly and frustrating especially if you are doing a double chain like I have but it is worth it!)

Attach the jumpring following step 1’s instructions and be sure that you chain does not cross over.

For your top ring i found attaching it to the front of your ear just above the base fluff works best (see the picture below because my description is terrible

Add the second ring to the outer edge of your ear as high or low as you like

Step 4

Mess around until you are happy with how your ears look

Then reposition your ear shape (if they are moveable 3D ears), fur and position on headband. 

Tidy up and enjoy your fancy new ears!

After adding jewlerry


Don’t squish the rings until you are happy with the placement of everything (this will save you hassle if you decude to chabge tyou and prevent any damage to the fur) 

If you do this DIY pretty please send me photos!!

Thank you for reading!


Pet Play – How to carry your own leash

Pet Play – How to carry your own leash

BDSM Kitten Pet Player

So right now most of us are in isolation to help flatten the curve of COVID19 (gold star guys!). 

I don’t know about you but when I found out my study was to be postponed ..

I had no clue what I was gonna do with myself – until that is I chatted to a kinky friend of mine about what we would be doing with all this free time and I realized 

This is the perfect chance to take a break from the vanilla world and spend some time enjoying kink – and that means more pet play!!

But lil succubuss I’m single/my top isn’t in isolation with me/my top is part of the essential services work force etc etc 

It’s okay! We are strong independant pets! We can carry our own leashes!

In saying that I do need to be honest

carrying your own leash can be really fucking hard!

Especially when you are first starting out.

It took me ages to figure out what I was doing, so I want to save you time and energy and talk about how I do it – this way I might be able to help some of you!

There are a few ways you can indulge you pet side when you are by yourself

  • Research and development
  • Active pet scenes
  • Partial pet space and activities

Naturally (coz I’m type A) we are gonna go through this list and talk about what they mean and how you can do it then some tip and tricks I’ve learnt

Research and development

Basically this means looking into and learning more about pet play in general as well as learning and developing skills. 

If you are just starting out on your pet play journey (or could use a refresher)

I’d recommend starting with the basics like what is Pet Play and the types of pets out there.

Once you are ready to start expanding and deepening your understanding of your pet space you can look into other stuff like; 

  • Behaviors, sounds and body language of your pet species
  • Training
  • Gear
  • Incorporating other kinks into pet play (like pain, rope, leather/latex)

Sooo I spend a lot of my time looking into Animal Roleplay and Pet play (Shocking I know) and there are a ton of places to find information!

If you are a visual person (or you just like to see cute people in adorable pet gear – which is totally mee)

Instagram is gonna be your best friend! – the gear, the girls, the human-pet training videos! *heart eyes*

If you are a bit of a bookworm and like to read up on stuff well you can read more of my blog posts! (some shameless self promotion there)

Other places you can find stuff to read are;

Fetlife – there are a few groups on Pet Play

Tumblr – some of the text posts are AH-MA-ZING this one on kitten training by Sadistic Panther changed my relationship with pet play and just took everything to the next level

Tons upon tons of stories online – these are usually fan-fictions or eroticas and might not be the most informative pieces but they can be fun to pass the time 

And if you like to listing or watching stuff


I cannot recommend to you enough Evie Lupine

She does videos, she does podcasts, she is totally my pet player crush so I might be a lil biased but

OH MY GOD go watch her videos!

So researching, reading, fangirling over Evie is great but sometimes you want to get stuck in and do something that will add to your pet play.

This is where development comes in to the picture, since we are all stuck inside anyway this is the perfect chance to learn a new skills

I for one really want to try learn how to self tie my legs (rope has become a new interest of mine and I am quite the smitten kitten)

Some other skills you could learn are 

  • How to make animal noises (this feels kinda weird at first so I found it really good to do alone until I built confidence!)
  • Pet themed DIYS for those crafty critters
  • How to wag your tail (especially pups! This takes practice!)
  • How to plan a scene
  • Activities during pet play
  • Negotiations, safewords and aftercare
  • Self tying

Pet scenes

For me there are two kinds of pet scenes that I enjoy doing by myself 

Active pet scenes – This is where i will set up and plan a pet scene where i have the time and space to get fully into my pet space and have some fun 


Lazy/Partial pet scenes – these are when I’m not feeling being fully in my kitten mode or I don’t have a good chunk of free time and the spoons for an active scene etc

Active scenes


If you have never been involved in planning a scene go back to the first section and research!! 

Planning isn’t necessary for every scene you do but when you are first learning how to carry your own leash and experience pet play solo..

Having a plan can help calm your brain down and make it easier to enter and exit your pet play space 

Decide on what kind of scene you would like to have, any activities you want to have available for your pet side, how long you want to be in a pet space etc;

Some activities I really enjoy during these active scenes are:

  • Hide and seek
    • This is where I ‘hide’ a few of my toys, maybe some treats around the room during setup 
  • Play with toys
    • How high can you throw your squeaky toy and still catch it in your mouth?
    • How fast can you bat that yarn ball between your paws?
    • How much can you shake that rabbit before you get dizzy?
      • These are all very important questions we must investigatefor science
  • Cat nap/nest
    • Set out a while bunch of soft warm things for a nest after all that hard work hunting down toys and testing your skills
  • Play with your pets as a pet
    • This can be super fun with a dog! Cats tend to be a bit unimpressed when you pounce on them.. 

Set up 

I cannot stress this enough

Make sure you have everything set up before you get into your space

Seriously there is nothing worse than having to pull yourself out of your space because you forgot a toy or blankets or your brother decides to call you right then

what? no that didn’t actually happen to me…

To make sure I don’t get caught out mid scene I like to have a check list of any activities I’m planning on doing as well as the following;

  • Is the room is at a good temperature for what you are wearing/not wearing?
    • Think, cool for leather/latex pet players and warm for pet players who prefer less clothing
  • Do you have a softer area to rest your knees if you are going to be crawling around?
  • Is there food/water available if you need it?
  • Are my notifications turned off and alarm set to finish the scene?
  • Is any background noise set up to play for the duration of the scene?
  • Is my aftercare area set up? (if needed)


The biggest tip I have is to set up an aftercare area separate from your scene space (like the lounge, desk or bed)

Doing this makes it so much easier for me to get out of my pet space – so hopefully it’ll help you too!

Aftercare from a BDSM scene vs a BDSM AR scene can look a bit different.

This means the aftercare you set up for yourself might look different to the aftercare you normal get after a BDSM scene

An example

For me aftercare after a BDSM scene involves the 3 S’s snuggles, snacks and soft things

But to get me out of a pet space I sometimes need a bit more help.

Some things that can help the transition are; 

  • Removal of gear such as paws, ears, tails and collars
    • if you weren’t wearing them earlier
  • Standing up, walking, sitting upright in chairs
  • Stretching you muscles
  • Talking to others
  • Having something to eat or drink

I personally like to follow a routine to get out of my kitten space, which usually looks a little like this;

  • My alarm will go off to tell me the scene is over
  • Procrastinate on ending the scene
  • Tell myself I need to be good/ have my second alarm go off
  • Take off my gear and have a drink of water
  • Stand up and put my gear away (this ticks of standing and walking)
  • Sit in my aftercare space, have a snack and drink 
  • Message a friend or watch a non animal/pet related movie or tv show while my brain settles back into its human mode

Having a routine to get out of a space can help to signal your brain that pet time is over and make the transition easier (this can also apply when playing with others)

Lazy Pet scene/Partial Pet space 

These scenes are waay more low key than the active pet scenes you can do – this makes them perfect when you only have a little bit of time to indulge your pet side, or you want to  increase your confidence and comfort in playing by yourself!

These kinds of scenes are also really helpful when you are struggling to fully invest in your head-space

which is normal! and now you have a possible hack for it too!

During these scenes there are tons of activities you can do! Depending on how much time/energy you have;

  • Pet themed crafts/DIY’s
  • Bake pet treats 
  • Pet/Animal roleplay movies/books
  • Joining online communities, message boards or role-plays
  • Messaging pet friends
  • Going down the YouTube rabbit hole
  • Going for a walk/run – you pet side can enjoy the outdoors whilst still maintaining 3rd party consent practices
  • You can even do some of that research and skills building if you want to be super productive in your partial pet time!

Some Tips & Tricks 

  • Set up everything you might possibly need before you start
  • Set up an aftercare space with human activities to ease you out of pet play times 
  • Have you aftercare space separate from your scene space
  • Play movies/series in the background to prevent feeling lonely 
  • Wear gear if you have it! And follow any restrictions you have within your pet space; eg. don’t walk on two legs or go on the couch
  • Make noise! Meow, bark, purr – get into it and enjoy the freedom to be as chatty as you want in your pet space!
  • Expand your comfort zone – one of the best parts about playing alone is that you have no reason to feel shy! So get into it, be silly, be spontaneous
  • Have fun with it!!


Thank you for reading!

If you enjoyed this post or have your own tips for playing independently let me know down in the comments!


Types of Animal Roleplay

Types of Animal Roleplay

Like I’ve said before animal roleplay is literally everywhere throughout history. Which is great if you are a history geek but what if you are interested in Animal roleplay today – maybe you wanna try it, maybe a friend/partner is into it and you want to be supportive – go you!! This post is for you! 

In today’s post I’m going to go through the basics of some of the common kinds of animal Roleplay seen today. 

In this Post we are going to look at;

  • Pet Players
  • Primals
  • Furries
  • Cosplayers
  • Nekomimis 


  • Online Roleplayers

Pet Players

Photo by isolethetv (link)

Pet Play is when someone roleplays a domesticated animal in a BDSM setting/scene.

Pet Play only occurs within BDSM and leather communities 


Pet play is a form of BDSM roleplay as well as animal roleplay. 

Pet play activities kind of depend on the characteristics of their chosen roleplay animal but can commonly include things like playing fetch or with pet toys like balls, squeaky toys, stuffed mice etc, cuddles and pats(!!!) or position and behaviour training.

Whilst pets are roleplaying a domesticated animal, it doesn’t have to be your traditionally domesticated animals – you can roleplay whatever kind of animal you want it’s just assumed that they domesticated to some degree rather than feral.

Sometimes Pet play is used interchangeably with the term animal roleplay – I don’t know why but for the purposes of my writing when I refer to pet play I mean the kinky stuff


Primal Play is a form of edge play where someone acts on their animalistic instincts and impulses. 

This is also a type BDSM roleplay and is classed as an edge play (this means that there is a risk of physical harm so please be careful with this kind of play!)

This type of play commonly involves biting, scratching, wrestling, growling, chasing and some players may become non-verbal…

You can see why it’s classed as edge play and how it is potentially dangerous


Photo by Julian Hodgson link

Furries are members of the fandom for anthropomorphic animals. The furry fandom includes casual fans of anthro media, artists, writers, gamers as well as roleplayers.

The furry fandom began in the 1980s and is a huge global community.

Annual conventions for the furry fandom are held all over the globe

The biggest conventions like the midwest fur fest, anthrocon and biggest little fur con all host a few thousand furry fans

Animal Roleplayers within this fandom often create original characters called fursonas. 

These fursonas can be roleplayed both online and in real life. For those who roleplay in real life full or partial fursuits can be worn. Fursuits come in a huge range including;

ears and a tail 

a full head piece, paws (for both hands and feet) and tail

Full body suit resembling that of a sport mascot 


Full body suits featuring animitronics (which is fucking wicked!!!) 

Those who wear fursuits are sometimes known as fursuiters.


Photo by James H. (link)

Cosplay is a type of costumed roleplaying in venues apart from the stage performance art where people dress to reflect a specific characters in various media including anime cartoons comic books manga tv series and video games 

Cosplay has gained in popularity from the 1990s has become a popular hobby all over the world and a significant part of japanese pop culture.

Cosplay can be seen at fan conventions all over the world as well as cosplay conventions

Animal roleplay can be a form of cosplaying when the cosplayer is roleplaying an animal or animal-human hybrid character 

Think cat woman, rocky (from guardians of the galaxy), Pokemon, animal crossing and zootopia. 


Nekomimi selfie

Kemonomimis are characters with animal ears, tails and/or traits. 

The most common kind of kemonomimis in media are nekomimis aka catgirls/boys. 

This is mostly seen in the anime/manga media however the addition of animal ears/tails/characteristics happens in many other fandoms too.

Kemonomimis are not anthropomorphic characters, they are human characters with some animal traits

People may choose to wear cat ears as a fashion choice, roleplay as an original kemonomimi for fun or cosplay as Kemonomimi characters like Naruto!

Kemonomimis have become so popular that their are specific conventions to cater to this fan base including nekocon


Online Role players

Online roleplay is any form of Animal Roleplay that happens on an online platform such as social media or RPG sites.

All of the types of animal roleplay we discussed in this post can be roleplayed online. 

Other forms of online animal roleplay can include joint fantasy writings on message boards such as Animals and warrior cats (I LOVED THESE BOOKS OML) and human/animal interactions via sites such as twitter


Pet Play is a form of BDSM animal  roleplay where one or more parties takes the role of a domesticated animal

Primal play is a form of BDSM Animal Roleplay in which one or more parties take on the role of animals and act on their base instincts. This is a form of edge play!

Furries are members of the anthro fandom – not all furries participate in animal roleplay. Those who do often wear fursuits and/or roleplay online

Cosplayers roleplay as specific characters from books/tv shows/movies etc. Cosplay can be a form of animal roleplay if the character being cosplayed is an animal

Kemonomimis are a type of character most often seen in anime or manga. Kemonomimis have animal ears and a tail as well as some animal-like behaviours. Many people chose to cosplay kemonomimi characters, some enjoy roleplaying original kemonomimis as well

Online Role players are those who participate in animal roleplay using online platforms to either interact with others as their chosen animal or collaborate on fantasy writings on messenger boards. Any of the above forms of animal roleplay can be done online.

Thanks for reading!!

Whats your favourite type of animal roleplay?? If you can decide let me know down in the comments!!


How to be a ‘Twu’ Animal Role-player

How to be a ‘Twu’ Animal Role-player

My face when you fell for my trap mwahaha

HA you fell for my trap!!

I don’t know about you but when I want to try something new I need to do it the right way or not at all.

Wiki how was my best friend as a preteen

So when I finally started testing the waters of animal roleplay I had a bunch of assumptions in my head about the right and wrong way to roleplay.

Shockingly this lead to a lot of awkward miscommunication or, more often than not,

no communication at all

with my partner at the time – which isn’t ideal when you are exploring new interests.

To try prevent some of that happening to others I thought I’d write about some of the false assumptions and expectations I had when I first started out on my AR journey;

  • Getting in and out of a roleplay space will be easy!
  • I’ll instantly identify with a specific animal/species
  • You have to pick ONE animal ONE form of roleplay ONE THING AND YOU ARE STUCK WITH IT FOREVER
  • You can only Roleplay as real animals or species
  • You need gear to be a twu role player
  • Only S-types roleplay as pets

Getting in and out of a Roleplay space will be easy!

Getting in and out of a roleplay headspace for a scene used to stress me out like crazy! 

Until that is I realized something

You don’t have to have or be in a head space to enjoy animal roleplay

You can still participate in pet/primal/roleplay activities and enjoy them without being 100% in the zone

Even though you don’t need a headspace to enjoy animal roleplay, it is something a lot of people enjoy.

For some people it is ridiculously easy to pop in and out of head spaces on command without it having any impact on their play.

I don’t know how they do it but I will find out!

Others however can struggle to get and/or out of their headspaces and that is totally normal!

The transition between headspaces does get easier with time and practice!

Things like roleplay specific gear (ears, tails, collars, fursuits etc), names, toys, movement and vocal restrictions can also help with these transitions. 

Sometimes life happens and it is just a struggle to get to your head space.

This can be for a range of reasons like new environment, new partner/people around you, stressors, etc 

This is okay! 

You know why? 

Because you don’t need a headspace to enjoy the roleplay!

I’ll instantly identify with a specific animal/species

There are tons of different ways people pick an animal to roleplay

Some will just connect with a type of animal super quickly 

Others it takes some trial and error of testing out roleplaying as different animals

If you are into BDSM animal roleplay sometimes a Top will decide what kind of animal they want their s-type to roleplay as


You can enjoy role playing whatever kind of animal behaviors appeal to you at the time without having to choose a specific animal you want to roleplay as

Since we are talking about choosing animals I also would like to talk about the different ways people identify their chosen roleplay animal (if they decide to pick one)

Some people have a super specific roleplay animals – I’m talking about the skinny half shot soy milk hazelnut latte of roleplay animals.

Others are all the way on the other end of the spectrum where they identify loosely with a genus like ‘big cat’ or ‘canine’ 

And absolutely everywhere in between 

All of these are valid ways to explore animal roleplay so just enjoy the journey

You have to pick ONE animal ONE form of roleplay ONE THING AND YOU ARE STUCK WITH IT FOREVER

Looking back I’m torn between laughing at myself for thinking this was true and giving myself a hug..

You can be involved in as many types of roleplay, as many kinds of roleplay animals you want!

You can enjoy all these kind of animal roleplay in a range of ways too

Clearly separated forms roleplay is great 

A super fluid spectrum of roleplays is also great

Although from personal experience this can be confusing for some people

– so explaining this to anyone involved in your role playing (if they exist) is super important!!

You are also allowed to pick up and put down different kinds of animal roleplay when it suits you! Whatever makes you happy 

I promise your soul is not eternally bound to any type of animal roleplay/roleplay animal you were/are interested in. 

The theme of this entire post is 


You can only Roleplay as real animals or species

If you want to roleplay as an extinct, fantasy, hybrid animal 

If you want to roleplay as a pink lemur with fairy wings and glitter paws

Sean MacEnteen

(and send me a picture because that would be life changing)

We are already playing pretend at being animals there is absolutely NO logic in restricting animal roleplay to only ‘real’ animals

You need gear to be a twu roleplayer

Gear does not make the role player

Gear does not make the role player

Gear does not make the role player

Sometimes gear can actually be a hazard 

**PSA for Primal players landing on headband ears #1 HURTS (metal headbands) and #2 will crush your ears/bend the headband**

Don’t get me wrong roleplay gear is adorable

It’s super fun 

It can really help getting into and out of roleplay headspaces.

But you don’t need gear

If you want gear you still don’t need a full fursuit with animations or a super fancy set of custom ears (even if they are SUPER pretty)

Simple gear like wires ears or a bell on a ribbon is great when you are just starting out and can be just as much fun as the super fancy stuff

Only S-types roleplay as pets

So this one is more relevant to those interested in BDSM pet play (which is where my interest lies hence why it’s here) 


Like I don’t know what your cats are like but Misa (my fur baby) is a total top –

He actually smacks my butt when he wants my attention/food that I’m cooking

But Lil Succubuss, How can they top as a pet?

Glad you asked!

Here are two examples of ways which pets can Top

Sadistic pets are a thing – biting, scratching generally misbehaving are common behaviour in even domesticated animals and can be super fun in a pet play scene.

Pets can also receive service from their s-type, think brushing/grooming, feeding, patting etc


Getting in and out of a Pet/primal/roleplay space can be super easy for some and really hard for others.

This can be made easier by introducing triggers for this head space such a gear, specific names for your roleplay animal, toys, restriction on movement/vocalizations and practice!

There are tons of ways people decide on an animal to roleplay

  • An animal they strongly identify with
  • Trail and error testing to find a favorite/s
  • Another person will decide (this is usually in a BDSM context)
  • Some role players will never identify with a specific animal

You can enjoy as many types of roleplay with as many animal species as you like as long as it is something you enjoy, is healthy, is consensual with all other parties!

You can Roleplay as real animals or species or hybrids, or fantasy or extinct animals the world is your stage so do something you love and then tell me about it so I can be excited with you!

You don’t need gear!

Gear is fun, gear has its uses, it can be as simple or as complex as you like but

Gear does not and will never make the role player!

Anyone on any side of the D/s slash can be a pet. Tops/dominants can be pets just as much as bottoms/submissives can be pets. 

If you’re into it

If you enjoy it 

If it is being explored in a healthy way

If the activities you are engaging with are consensual with the parties involved

Then you do you!!

Lil Succubuss

PS – if any readers have cool roleplay animals like a pink glitter fairy lemur SHOW ME or TELL ME ABOUT IT PLEASEE

Misconceptions about Animal Roleplay

Misconceptions about Animal Roleplay

Photo by Julian Hodgson (link)

Like most subcultures out there Animal Roleplay has a TON of random misconceptions about it. 

This can be really frustrating when you are trying to explain your (or understand someone else’s) love of Animal Roleplay!

It can be stressful enough coming out of the cattery (haha) to people in your life without having to go through and explain a dozen different misconceptions your person may have heard…

In this post we are going to cover the following common misconceptions people have about Animal Roleplay;

  • Role players believe that they are actually animals
  • Animal Roleplay is Bestiality/Zoophilia
  • Its a purely sexual activity
  • Animal Roleplay is ONLY a fetish/kink/BDSM activity
  • It’s not Twu BDSM
  • Negotiations, aftercare and safe words aren’t needed – coz its not ‘real’ BDSM *internal screaming*

Roleplayers believe they are actually animals

Animal roleplay is just that,

A roleplay

There are some belief systems that in which a person sees themselves as a non-human animal on a deep and personal level.

People who share these beliefs can go by many names including;

  • Therianthropes (or therian)
  • Otherkin
  • Theriomythics

– if you want to know more check out this link

The therian/otherkin and animal roleplay communities sometimes overlap but they are not the same.

So, it’s like bestiality?


Bestiality is defined as sexual activity between a human and a non-human animal. 

Then it’s Zoophilia!

Again, noo

Zoophilia is defined as a sexual fixation or atypical arousal to non-human animals

Animal Roleplay is a roleplay between consenting human adults.

Regardless of how awesome my ears and tails are (or how they may be attached) I am not physically an actual kitten.

I am a human roleplaying as a kitten.

Animal roleplay is a purely sexual activity!

Some forms of animal roleplay may involve sexual activity

But many roleplayers are non-sexual in their roleplay.

 It all depends on the people involved and negotiations you have had prior.

Animal Roleplay is ONLY a fetish/kink/ BDSM activity

Fetish/kink/BDSM can be a part of animal roleplay for some.

For many these aspects aren’t involved at all

The only forms of animal roleplay that are ‘only‘ a BDSM activity are pet and primal play.

And that’s because they were founded within (and are apart of) the BDSM scene 

And even then its not necessarily a fetish thing

Animal Roleplay isn’t Twu BDSM 

It may not be your style of BDSM. 

But BDSM Animal Roleplay is BDSM. 

There is bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism, masochism involved in BDSM Animal Roleplay. 

Like any other BDSM activity it doesn’t have to be all of these aspects all the time. 

It can be a mix 

It can be just one or two aspects. 

It’s still BDSM!

Every person and relationship your and other peoples styles of BDSM are all unique snowflakes so like they say in my community 

Don’t be a dick

Negotiations, aftercare and safewords aren’t needed – because it’s not Twu BDSM

Negotiations, aftercare, safewords and consent are required in all forms of BDSM. 


If anyone tries to convince you otherwise…


Thats all Imma say otherwise I’m going to get all kinds of worked up over this


Short answer is that none of the assumptions we discussed are true. There are some grey areas which will be summarised below

Roleplayers think they are actually animals – There are some spiritualities that sometimes overlap with Animal Roleplay communities but they are not forms of Animal Roleplay

It’s purely a sexual activity – Sometimes it is sexual, sometimes it’s not. As long as sexual aspects only occurs between two consenting adults it is a-okay

ONLY a fetish/kink/BDSM – Once again – sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t.

Thank you for reading my post!

I hope this helped to debunk a few common misconceptions about Animal Roleplay

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Lil Succubuss

Why do people enjoy Animal Roleplay? Part 2 – Psychology

Why do people enjoy Animal Roleplay? Part 2 – Psychology

Pet Play Mind

Welcome to Part 2 of Why people enjoy Animal Roleplay!

In Part 1 we went through some common reasons people enjoy Animal Roleplay and BDSM. 

If you haven’t read Part 1 you can find it below;

In Part 2 we are going to go through some common ways people enjoy Animal Roleplay including;

  • Removal of day to day restrictions/expectations
  • Emotional release
  • Relaxation
  • Escape from self
  • Expression self-hood 
  • Adult Play and Physicality

I will try (try) and control myself and only talk a little bit about each of these so this post doesn’t become too long

Removal of day to day restrictions

When I say restrictions I’m not talking about the fun kind..

I mean the  unspoken expectations of how one should behave, think and feel at all times to be ‘good’ 

A ‘good’ parent, employee, boss, partner etc

Whatever label people give you it always seems to come with a long ass list of what you can and can’t be.

But this list of dos and don’ts doesn’t really apply to animals or pets.

No matter what any animal is doing pretty much everyone will always love them and think that they are the cutest baby in the whole wide world!! 

Take my cat misa for example

He wails outside my bedroom door 




I’m about to get lucky 

and my partner still thinks he is the cutest thing ever??

  –  yes my cat is a voyeuristic cock block; don’t ask..

Animal roleplay allows us to step into that moment, to become misa

To have all of that unconditional acceptance for whatever it is you are feeling and doing in that moment (within reason)

Animal roleplay allows one to be present and uninhibited and removes that long ass to do list of what we are and aren’t ‘allowed’ to be.

Even if it is just for a little while 

Yea the dishes need to get done eventually but leaving them for an hour or two never hurt anyone

Which funnily enough leads into the next two sections..

Emotional release

Alright so remember when we talked about all the rules that come with being human a few paragraphs; 

what we can and can’t do

what we must do


Well just to make life even more difficult labels and expectations can also come with rules of what we can and can’t feel or think

This doesn’t work for most people

So, for many animal roleplay helps to remove those expectations 

And all those pent up emotions from adult life to be expressed, accepted and then let go.


This is a big one for me personally 

– I really struggle to just stop and relax. Even when I’m going to sleep, my brain is making a To Do list for the next day

I find, and I’m sure many others do to, that animal roleplay gives my brain the permission to switch off so that I can let go and relax for awhile. 

Because, well, pets don’t make to do lists or have deadlines or chores etc etc etc

Being able to let go of those daily life stressors and allowing oneself to play, have fun and (if it has been negotiated) allow another to care for your needs for a time is a great way to relax

Escape from self and Expression of self-hood 

Now these two sections confused me. How can animal roleplay be an escape of self and expression of self hood?

Well I think I figured it out..

Firstly I needed to remember that different people can experience animal roleplay in different ways and people probably won’t experience everything on this list.

Secondly, I needed to figure out what the heck self and self-hood actually meant.. 

So from what i got from the articles I read 

Self is experiences, thoughts who we see when we reflect on ourselves which can include expectations we and society place on ourselves

Selfhood means the aspects that make us individual and unique 

Those definitions are kind of long winded so I like to think of it like chocolate

Self is the chocolate shell 

Selfhood is the filling

Both are good as long as there is a balance

…And now I really want chocolate….

Moving forward!

Both experiences relate to that removal of day to day restrictions in different ways

Animal roleplay can allow people to escape from their sense of self in relation to expectations and restrictions that have been placed on them.

Whilst expression of self hood occurs in animal roleplay as it allows a space for all those feelings and responses that may not be acceptable in day to day life to be expressed and accepted.

Adult play and physicality

Fun Fact 

Play is ridiculously important for adults too! 

If you are interested in the benefits of play click the link here;

Strangely enough we don’t really encourage play in adults. 

Especially non-competitive play

The encouragement of play and the physical nature of the play that occurs during animal roleplay can have awesome positive effects on all of those engaged!

Including onlookers!

Because let’s be honest who doesn’t feel at least a little happy watching animals (human or otherwise) running around being dorks

Physical play within Animal roleplay is a lot of fun and can also be done in a range of ways;

A pup friend of mine for example enjoys wrestling and periodically has wrestle play dates with a bunny (don’t underestimate bunnies! She is merciless)

But I personally prefer lighter play when Im in a kitten space so the nose boop war we all recently had at a play party was great!

Play can amplify the other experiences we have talked about above and most importantly it is just 





In Why people enjoy animal roleplay part 2 we talked about the psychological reasons and ways people enjoy roleplaying as animals including

Removal of day to day restrictions/expectations – Animal Roleplay can help remove the To Do list of how we should act and allow a space to just be. The removal of these expectations can help the following ways people enjoy Animal Roleplay to happen as well 

Emotional release – Roleplay can  be a space to express, accept and let go of pent up emotions from daily life

Relaxation – For many, myself included, the removal of expectations and To Do lists can help our brain to switch off and give us the space to relax

Escape from self –  Animal roleplay can allow people to escape from their sense of self in relation to expectations, restrictions and To Do lists they may have.

Expression self-hood – Roleplay gives many the space to freely express and accept all the feelings, responses and desires that they may not be able to express in daily life 

Adult play and physicality – Animal Roleplay can be a great way to express and indulge in your playful side both independently and with others which can add to the expression of self, emotional release and relaxation that you may experience during animal roleplay.

Thank you so much for reading! 

What are some of the reasons you love Animal Roleplay?

I’d love to hear from you down below in the comments! 

Lil Succubuss