Puppy play position Training

Puppy play position Training

Frannie, puppy play in the backyard by Elmo Love

Recently I had a conversation with a fellow kinky friend who had recently discovered puppy play – and had been having a lot of fun with it!

She asked me for some advice on training in her pup space and I was honestly a bit stumped. I’d seen pups train and play at previous parties but being a kitten I’d never thought about puppy training before.

So we bounced around some ideas and it inspired me to do some research and create this post for any other pups out there who are starting out on there puppy training!


How to do it 

Get yourself into a comfortable kneeling position and sit back on your feet. Put your hands firmly on the floor (wherever and however works best for you) and look up at your Owner – adoringly of course


  • A great Foundation skill for other commands
  • Keep your pup in one place!
  • A good position to put on or remove gear for your pup (collars, ears, leashes etc)
  • Get and focus your pups attention on you 


How to do it

This command usually follows a position command – like sit. 

Hold whatever position you were in at the time of this command until a new command or pats are given (because pats are far too exciting to stay still for lets be real here!)

As a pup if you struggle to stay still for long periods of time try wagging your tail as a way to burn some of that energy whilst still obeying your owner.


  • Helps your pup to not break positions such as sit or down. 
  • Keeps them out of trouble!
  • Acts as a form of mental bondage


How to do it

From whatever position or place your are get down as low as you can ie. if you are on furniture get off the furniture and onto the floor, if you are already on the floor simply lie down in whatever position is comfortable or preferred by your Owner. Some pups I know (and adore!) tend to roll straight onto their backs in preparation for their reward tummy scritches


  • Help calm your pup 
  • Keep them out of trouble in excitable or new situations
  • Allow yourself to catch up with friends without tangled in your pups leash or have them go missing
  • Can act as a mental form of Bondage
  • A nice option to wind down a scene


How to do it 

Go to and/or follow your owner.


  • Calling your pup to you
  • Following up with other commands such as sit or heel to keep them close to you
  • A key strategy in mischief prevention!


How to do it 

When your Owner is walking 

Crawl at your Owners preferred side and try keep your shoulder in line with their leg – this keeps you close to your owner without getting under their feet

When your owner is still 

When your owner is still this is an opportunity to rest your knees (especially in longer pet scenes!) by getting into your ‘Sit’ position at your owners side

For cuddly pets! –  rest your head on their leg and snag some extra pats


  • Keep your pet close to you as you move around – ( a great command for busy kink events)
  • Keep your pet from getting under your feet while you walk
  • Can be used alongside leash training or as an off leash command.


How to do it 

Get into your “sit” position and raise both paws up to your shoulders. Give your owner your best puppy dog eyes and then whine (trust me it works almost every time)


  • This is a fun way to draw attention to and deepen the sense of your power dynamic
  • Feeding your pet treats (or ‘treats’)

Roll over

How to do it 

Lie down if you aren’t lying down already and roll yourself completely over (or if thats uncomfy you can just roll from side to side)


  • Playing
  • Tummy rubs or tickles
  •  It’s just So Cute

A tip for Tops

I Highly recommend making little changes to your pups positions – You can base this off what you find visually pleasing, what kind of pup you want your pet to be (guard dog, show dog, lap dog etc).

For me being able to execute a position exactly to my Owners liking deepens the intimacy of our power dynamic – which I love.

Lil Succubuss

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