Pet Play – Building a dynamic

Pet Play – Building a dynamic

Building a bond

I have 3 pieces of advice when it comes to building a bond with a pet

1) take it slow

2) CORRUPTION AND BRIBERY (treats, pats, praise)

3) Reward behaviour you want to see

This can be done in a huge range of ways

Taking the time asking and talking with your pontential play partner to find out what their pet side likes and doesn’t like can be an amazing source of information and help your play to go smoothly. 

If you are looking for some more ideas try, check out the list below!

  • Grooming
    • brushing hair
    • stroking hair, arms or back
    • polishing latex
  • Play with them!
    • Tug of war (gently!)
    • teasing them with ribbon, bells, laser pointers
    • fetch
    • wrestling
  • Training
    • sit, stay, rollover
    • and don’t forget the rewards!
  • Cuddling
  • Walks around the garden

If you already have an established pet play dynamic how did it start? Do you have any tips or advice for others?

Id love to hear from you!

Lil Succubuss

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