Pet Play – Building a dynamic

Pet Play – Building a dynamic

Non verbal safewords

I want to take a quick moment to briefly cover non verbal safewords because this can be a major roadblock when starting out in pet play. 

Some pet players become non-verbal when in their pet space. This can make communicating in scene and safewording really hard

Don’t worry! There are a ton of ways to get around this!

I like to use the traffic light system to check in during my play. 

Green = I’m really enjoying myself keep going!

Orange = something isnt quite right, please take some more time to check in with me

Red = STOP

Here are a few different ways I like to communicate the traffic light system depending on my scenes and head spaces.

GreenPurringNuzzlingBringing my partner a green toy
OrangeHissingTilting my head sidewaysBring them an orange/yellow toy
RedGrowlingcovering ‘muzzle’ with pawsBring them a red toy
Ways I use to communicate the traffic light system during pet scenes

Yes or no questions can also be a good way to communicate during pet scenes as the pet only has to nod or shake their head to respond.

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