Crafty Critters DIY – Add piercings to your Pet Play ears

Crafty Critters DIY – Add piercings to your Pet Play ears

Fox/Kitten ears with Jewlerry

So an awesome effect of being stuck at home is that I finally made a pair of fox kit ears for my lovely friend Angelica!!!

(that I’d been procrastinating on… since February…)

Now Angelica is… 

She is a sparkle fairy glitter princess

So regular old ears were not gonna be enough for this girl.


These ears needed some SPARKLE! 

And what better way to add sparkle then jewelry!

So if you are a crafty critter in need of a little extra something for your pet ears look no further for your next DIY!

What you will need

  • Pilers
  • Chain
  • Charms
  • Jump rings

Depending on what you want to do will depend on what supplies you will need.

Whilst you can buy these bits and pieces from your local craft store you can also pull apart a few old necklaces for your supplies.



(Those of you already have the jump rings etc for this DIY you can skip steps 1-3)

Step 1 – Haul out all your old jewelry and dump it out on your desk

Question why you have so much stuff

Step 2 – pick what you want to rip apart and use for your project 

Step 3 – Pack everything else away in the shame draw

Step 4 – If you can change the position of your ears bend them so they lie flat 

Step 5 – Brush the fur on both sides of your ears out so everything is lying neatly 

Adding rings to your ears

Take your jump rings and pliers

Insert pilers into rings and open to allow a gap 

Wiggle ring onto ears (try and get the rings to sit on the fabric that makes up the ear otherwise they will fall off

Squish with pliers to hold in place (Do this at the very end when you are happy with the placement of the jewelry)

Step 2 – adding ornaments

You can add ornaments in two ways 

1 – thread ornament onto your jump ring before attaching it the the ear

2 – use a chain link or small jump ring to thread through both the ornament and the piercing attached to the ear (which is great if you are forget to do the first method or if you want options to change and remove shineys from the ‘piercings’)

Method 2 can also be used for attaching extras to chain  like this *add pic*

Step 3 – Chain 

 If you want to add chain to your ears thread the chain onto your jump ring before placing it on the ear (it can be really fiddly and frustrating especially if you are doing a double chain like I have but it is worth it!)

Attach the jumpring following step 1’s instructions and be sure that you chain does not cross over.

For your top ring i found attaching it to the front of your ear just above the base fluff works best (see the picture below because my description is terrible

Add the second ring to the outer edge of your ear as high or low as you like

Step 4

Mess around until you are happy with how your ears look

Then reposition your ear shape (if they are moveable 3D ears), fur and position on headband. 

Tidy up and enjoy your fancy new ears!

After adding jewlerry


Don’t squish the rings until you are happy with the placement of everything (this will save you hassle if you decude to chabge tyou and prevent any damage to the fur) 

If you do this DIY pretty please send me photos!!

Thank you for reading!


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