Types of Animal Roleplay

Types of Animal Roleplay

Like I’ve said before animal roleplay is literally everywhere throughout history. Which is great if you are a history geek but what if you are interested in Animal roleplay today – maybe you wanna try it, maybe a friend/partner is into it and you want to be supportive – go you!! This post is for you! 

In today’s post I’m going to go through the basics of some of the common kinds of animal Roleplay seen today. 

In this Post we are going to look at;

  • Pet Players
  • Primals
  • Furries
  • Cosplayers
  • Nekomimis 


  • Online Roleplayers

Pet Players

Photo by isolethetv (link)

Pet Play is when someone roleplays a domesticated animal in a BDSM setting/scene.

Pet Play only occurs within BDSM and leather communities 


Pet play is a form of BDSM roleplay as well as animal roleplay. 

Pet play activities kind of depend on the characteristics of their chosen roleplay animal but can commonly include things like playing fetch or with pet toys like balls, squeaky toys, stuffed mice etc, cuddles and pats(!!!) or position and behaviour training.

Whilst pets are roleplaying a domesticated animal, it doesn’t have to be your traditionally domesticated animals – you can roleplay whatever kind of animal you want it’s just assumed that they domesticated to some degree rather than feral.

Sometimes Pet play is used interchangeably with the term animal roleplay – I don’t know why but for the purposes of my writing when I refer to pet play I mean the kinky stuff


Primal Play is a form of edge play where someone acts on their animalistic instincts and impulses. 

This is also a type BDSM roleplay and is classed as an edge play (this means that there is a risk of physical harm so please be careful with this kind of play!)

This type of play commonly involves biting, scratching, wrestling, growling, chasing and some players may become non-verbal…

You can see why it’s classed as edge play and how it is potentially dangerous


Photo by Julian Hodgson link

Furries are members of the fandom for anthropomorphic animals. The furry fandom includes casual fans of anthro media, artists, writers, gamers as well as roleplayers.

The furry fandom began in the 1980s and is a huge global community.

Annual conventions for the furry fandom are held all over the globe

The biggest conventions like the midwest fur fest, anthrocon and biggest little fur con all host a few thousand furry fans

Animal Roleplayers within this fandom often create original characters called fursonas. 

These fursonas can be roleplayed both online and in real life. For those who roleplay in real life full or partial fursuits can be worn. Fursuits come in a huge range including;

ears and a tail 

a full head piece, paws (for both hands and feet) and tail

Full body suit resembling that of a sport mascot 


Full body suits featuring animitronics (which is fucking wicked!!!) 

Those who wear fursuits are sometimes known as fursuiters.


Photo by James H. (link)

Cosplay is a type of costumed roleplaying in venues apart from the stage performance art where people dress to reflect a specific characters in various media including anime cartoons comic books manga tv series and video games 

Cosplay has gained in popularity from the 1990s has become a popular hobby all over the world and a significant part of japanese pop culture.

Cosplay can be seen at fan conventions all over the world as well as cosplay conventions

Animal roleplay can be a form of cosplaying when the cosplayer is roleplaying an animal or animal-human hybrid character 

Think cat woman, rocky (from guardians of the galaxy), Pokemon, animal crossing and zootopia. 


Nekomimi selfie

Kemonomimis are characters with animal ears, tails and/or traits. 

The most common kind of kemonomimis in media are nekomimis aka catgirls/boys. 

This is mostly seen in the anime/manga media however the addition of animal ears/tails/characteristics happens in many other fandoms too.

Kemonomimis are not anthropomorphic characters, they are human characters with some animal traits

People may choose to wear cat ears as a fashion choice, roleplay as an original kemonomimi for fun or cosplay as Kemonomimi characters like Naruto!

Kemonomimis have become so popular that their are specific conventions to cater to this fan base including nekocon


Online Role players

Online roleplay is any form of Animal Roleplay that happens on an online platform such as social media or RPG sites.

All of the types of animal roleplay we discussed in this post can be roleplayed online. 

Other forms of online animal roleplay can include joint fantasy writings on message boards such as Animals and warrior cats RPG.com (I LOVED THESE BOOKS OML) and human/animal interactions via sites such as twitter


Pet Play is a form of BDSM animal  roleplay where one or more parties takes the role of a domesticated animal

Primal play is a form of BDSM Animal Roleplay in which one or more parties take on the role of animals and act on their base instincts. This is a form of edge play!

Furries are members of the anthro fandom – not all furries participate in animal roleplay. Those who do often wear fursuits and/or roleplay online

Cosplayers roleplay as specific characters from books/tv shows/movies etc. Cosplay can be a form of animal roleplay if the character being cosplayed is an animal

Kemonomimis are a type of character most often seen in anime or manga. Kemonomimis have animal ears and a tail as well as some animal-like behaviours. Many people chose to cosplay kemonomimi characters, some enjoy roleplaying original kemonomimis as well

Online Role players are those who participate in animal roleplay using online platforms to either interact with others as their chosen animal or collaborate on fantasy writings on messenger boards. Any of the above forms of animal roleplay can be done online.

Thanks for reading!!

Whats your favourite type of animal roleplay?? If you can decide let me know down in the comments!!


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