How to be a ‘Twu’ Animal Role-player

How to be a ‘Twu’ Animal Role-player

My face when you fell for my trap mwahaha

HA you fell for my trap!!

I don’t know about you but when I want to try something new I need to do it the right way or not at all.

Wiki how was my best friend as a preteen

So when I finally started testing the waters of animal roleplay I had a bunch of assumptions in my head about the right and wrong way to roleplay.

Shockingly this lead to a lot of awkward miscommunication or, more often than not,

no communication at all

with my partner at the time – which isn’t ideal when you are exploring new interests.

To try prevent some of that happening to others I thought I’d write about some of the false assumptions and expectations I had when I first started out on my AR journey;

  • Getting in and out of a roleplay space will be easy!
  • I’ll instantly identify with a specific animal/species
  • You have to pick ONE animal ONE form of roleplay ONE THING AND YOU ARE STUCK WITH IT FOREVER
  • You can only Roleplay as real animals or species
  • You need gear to be a twu role player
  • Only S-types roleplay as pets

Getting in and out of a Roleplay space will be easy!

Getting in and out of a roleplay headspace for a scene used to stress me out like crazy! 

Until that is I realized something

You don’t have to have or be in a head space to enjoy animal roleplay

You can still participate in pet/primal/roleplay activities and enjoy them without being 100% in the zone

Even though you don’t need a headspace to enjoy animal roleplay, it is something a lot of people enjoy.

For some people it is ridiculously easy to pop in and out of head spaces on command without it having any impact on their play.

I don’t know how they do it but I will find out!

Others however can struggle to get and/or out of their headspaces and that is totally normal!

The transition between headspaces does get easier with time and practice!

Things like roleplay specific gear (ears, tails, collars, fursuits etc), names, toys, movement and vocal restrictions can also help with these transitions. 

Sometimes life happens and it is just a struggle to get to your head space.

This can be for a range of reasons like new environment, new partner/people around you, stressors, etc 

This is okay! 

You know why? 

Because you don’t need a headspace to enjoy the roleplay!

I’ll instantly identify with a specific animal/species

There are tons of different ways people pick an animal to roleplay

Some will just connect with a type of animal super quickly 

Others it takes some trial and error of testing out roleplaying as different animals

If you are into BDSM animal roleplay sometimes a Top will decide what kind of animal they want their s-type to roleplay as


You can enjoy role playing whatever kind of animal behaviors appeal to you at the time without having to choose a specific animal you want to roleplay as

Since we are talking about choosing animals I also would like to talk about the different ways people identify their chosen roleplay animal (if they decide to pick one)

Some people have a super specific roleplay animals – I’m talking about the skinny half shot soy milk hazelnut latte of roleplay animals.

Others are all the way on the other end of the spectrum where they identify loosely with a genus like ‘big cat’ or ‘canine’ 

And absolutely everywhere in between 

All of these are valid ways to explore animal roleplay so just enjoy the journey

You have to pick ONE animal ONE form of roleplay ONE THING AND YOU ARE STUCK WITH IT FOREVER

Looking back I’m torn between laughing at myself for thinking this was true and giving myself a hug..

You can be involved in as many types of roleplay, as many kinds of roleplay animals you want!

You can enjoy all these kind of animal roleplay in a range of ways too

Clearly separated forms roleplay is great 

A super fluid spectrum of roleplays is also great

Although from personal experience this can be confusing for some people

– so explaining this to anyone involved in your role playing (if they exist) is super important!!

You are also allowed to pick up and put down different kinds of animal roleplay when it suits you! Whatever makes you happy 

I promise your soul is not eternally bound to any type of animal roleplay/roleplay animal you were/are interested in. 

The theme of this entire post is 


You can only Roleplay as real animals or species

If you want to roleplay as an extinct, fantasy, hybrid animal 

If you want to roleplay as a pink lemur with fairy wings and glitter paws

Sean MacEnteen

(and send me a picture because that would be life changing)

We are already playing pretend at being animals there is absolutely NO logic in restricting animal roleplay to only ‘real’ animals

You need gear to be a twu roleplayer

Gear does not make the role player

Gear does not make the role player

Gear does not make the role player

Sometimes gear can actually be a hazard 

**PSA for Primal players landing on headband ears #1 HURTS (metal headbands) and #2 will crush your ears/bend the headband**

Don’t get me wrong roleplay gear is adorable

It’s super fun 

It can really help getting into and out of roleplay headspaces.

But you don’t need gear

If you want gear you still don’t need a full fursuit with animations or a super fancy set of custom ears (even if they are SUPER pretty)

Simple gear like wires ears or a bell on a ribbon is great when you are just starting out and can be just as much fun as the super fancy stuff

Only S-types roleplay as pets

So this one is more relevant to those interested in BDSM pet play (which is where my interest lies hence why it’s here) 


Like I don’t know what your cats are like but Misa (my fur baby) is a total top –

He actually smacks my butt when he wants my attention/food that I’m cooking

But Lil Succubuss, How can they top as a pet?

Glad you asked!

Here are two examples of ways which pets can Top

Sadistic pets are a thing – biting, scratching generally misbehaving are common behaviour in even domesticated animals and can be super fun in a pet play scene.

Pets can also receive service from their s-type, think brushing/grooming, feeding, patting etc


Getting in and out of a Pet/primal/roleplay space can be super easy for some and really hard for others.

This can be made easier by introducing triggers for this head space such a gear, specific names for your roleplay animal, toys, restriction on movement/vocalizations and practice!

There are tons of ways people decide on an animal to roleplay

  • An animal they strongly identify with
  • Trail and error testing to find a favorite/s
  • Another person will decide (this is usually in a BDSM context)
  • Some role players will never identify with a specific animal

You can enjoy as many types of roleplay with as many animal species as you like as long as it is something you enjoy, is healthy, is consensual with all other parties!

You can Roleplay as real animals or species or hybrids, or fantasy or extinct animals the world is your stage so do something you love and then tell me about it so I can be excited with you!

You don’t need gear!

Gear is fun, gear has its uses, it can be as simple or as complex as you like but

Gear does not and will never make the role player!

Anyone on any side of the D/s slash can be a pet. Tops/dominants can be pets just as much as bottoms/submissives can be pets. 

If you’re into it

If you enjoy it 

If it is being explored in a healthy way

If the activities you are engaging with are consensual with the parties involved

Then you do you!!

Lil Succubuss

PS – if any readers have cool roleplay animals like a pink glitter fairy lemur SHOW ME or TELL ME ABOUT IT PLEASEE

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