What is Animal Roleplay?

What is Animal Roleplay?

Last night I was at a play party, chatting to a lovely newbie and she asked me a question

“Lil Succubuss, what is animal roleplay exactly?”

“Animal Roleplay is a type of roleplay where a person will take on the role, behaviours and characteristics of an animal

I’ll send you some links!”

Well – I planned to take the easy route; do a quick google search and send her a bunch of links 

Thus saving myself getting over excited and spending the rest of the play party chewing her ear off about what animal roleplay is..


There is practically nothing written about animal roleplay!

..Hmm should probably work on that to stop future me chewing off any more ears..

Kitten Animal Roleplayer

What is animal roleplay? – extended addition

Animal Roleplay (also known as Animalism or Animal Play) is a form of Roleplay

A roleplay is when someone takes on different characteristics or patterns of behaviour than they normally have.

Animal Roleplay is when the roleplayer takes on the characteristics of an animal – an example of this could be crawling on all fours rather than walking on two legs.

It’s a super broad term which can make things really confusing, something that helped me understand the concept of animal roleplay is looking at what it’s not.

Animal Roleplay is not..


(sexual activity between a human and a non-human animal)


(a sexual fixation or atypical arousal to non-human animals)

Animal roleplay is nether bestality or zoophilia because it only involves humans playing as animals not actual animals.

Just because I like to feel cute and wear cat ears doesn’t mean I want to get down and dirty with or actually have become any other species besides my own

Always a kink/fetish thing!

Animal roleplay is not inherently connected to BDSM!

In saying this my writings will be mainly from a BDSM context – not because animal roleplay is a kinky thing but because I am kinky thing and its where my interest is

I am going to explore what makes Animal roleplay a kink/BDSM activity a little further down because I initially found it really confusing and wanted to organise my thoughts and ideas on it a little bit more.

Always a Sex thing!

Some forms of animal roleplay may involve sexual activity. It definitely isn’t an always related to sex – like everything it all depends on the people involved and negotiations you have had prior! 

Consent is key!

 When is Animal Roleplay BDSM?

There are two kinds of BDSM Animal Roleplay;

  • Pet play and 
  • Primal Play

Other forms of Animal Roleplay can be apart of Kink or BDSM if they involve at least one of the following aspects;

  • Bondage
  • Discipline 
  • Dominance 
  • Submission 
  • Sadism 
  • Masochism 


Occurs within a BDSM context ie; within a scene, at a dungeon, play party or other event. 

There are two main types of Animal Roleplay that are BDSM activities

Pet play and Primal Play.

Other forms of Animal Roleplay can involve BDSM if people wish to but they are not purely BDSM or Kink related. 

So now we have an idea of what animal roleplay is and isn’t and when its kinky 

So now we have an idea of what animal role play is and isn’t and when its kinky 

I’m going to just quickly geek out over its history and how much of it is out there in the world!

Sorry not sorry!

When did Animal Roleplay become a thing?

It’s impossible to say when Animal Roleplay first started


I can tell you when it was first documented

Which was about 44,000 years ago!

A cave painting in indonesia was found depicting animal/human hybrids hunting buffalo and it is thought to be representative of ancient hunting rituals 

So, I think it’s safe to say that Animal Roleplay isn’t a new activity

Bonus Kink History fact!

Some of the first published images of pet play were in Bizarre magazine (1946-1959) and were of Pony Play

Where is Animal Roleplay found?

The short answer is 

Animal Roleplay can be found anywhere and everywhere. 

And for those Type A people who like lists!

It’s me.. I’m Type A people who like lists.. 

Animal roleplay can be found in the following places;

  • Rituals and ceremonial dances
  • Education
  • Religion
  • Mythology 
  • Media – including books, movies, graphic novels and art
  • Play
  • BDSM communities
  • And more!

Common types of Animal Roleplay that can be seen in today include:

  • Online roleplayers
  • Cosplayers
  • Furries
  • Kemonomimis/Nekomimis
  • Pet Players
  • Primals


Animal Roleplay is a form of roleplay where someone takes on characteristics of an animal.

Animal Roleplay is not bestilality or zoophilia. Whilst it can be a BDSM, kink or sexual activity it isn’t always.

Animal Roleplay is a BDSM activity if you are participating in Pet or Primal play. 


You’re animal roleplay involves aspects of BDSM.

Animal roleplay has been around since prehistoric times and can be found in all walks of life. 

Common types of Animal Roleplay today include;

  • Online roleplayers,
  • Cosplayers,
  • Furries,
  • Kemonomimis
  • Pet and Primal players

Congratulations you made it to the end of this post!!!

What have your experiences with animal roleplay been? 

Have I missed out any important bits of information? 

Is there anything you’d like to see written about next? 

I’d love to hear from you down below or through email at lilsuccubuss@gmail.com

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