Lil Succubuss: The Origin Story

Lil Succubuss: The Origin Story


Hi there! I’m Lil Succubuss.

Welcome to my first blog post! I better give you some back story of how I came to be here..

Once upon a time…

About 3(?) years ago I attended my first munch (an informal gathering for kinksters)

It was life changing

You see growing up i never grew out of playing pretend as an animal.

And my kittenish behaviour had raised more than a few eyebrows over the years..

I had dismissed it as me just being odd until this fateful munch.. 

It was at this munch I saw a girl. 

Not just any girl

This girl, was wearing cat ears! 



Black and white cat ears, sticking right out the top of her head!

I swear I was physically vibrating (or was i just shaking..?)

I was so excited!

I remember approaching her with the intent of being a socially acceptable human being…


I was this wide-eyed shaking girl and as I crept up behind her all I managed was to breathe “you have ears…” with the reverence of someone seeing a God in the flesh.

Thankfully she did not scream or run away. 

Instead she was kind enough to overlook my weird golem moment and spent the next few hours answering my million questions about the glorious new concept that was animal roleplay.

And that dear readers is my origin story..

Oh we aren’t finished yet though

You see things only escalated from that munch…


Animal Roleplay and BDSM have become a huge part of my life and a passion I couldn’t imagine living without!

I also somehow began hosting events for Animal Role players and littles? 

Which i never could have seen myself doing in a million years

It’s been three years since that munch and I have still only scratched the surface of kink and Animal Roleplay. 

So I thought I better start writing this stuff down!!

I want to write about all the things I have learnt and to learn about Animal Role play and BDSM from the awesome local and online communities out there

Right here on this blog!

In the hopes that it will help organize my thoughts and make it easier for me, and you (!) navigate the awesome world of Animal Roleplay!

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Is there anything you’d like to learn more about? Let me know down below in the comments or email me! I’d love to hear from you!

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